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Body Contouring

The results from using the i-Lipo system are different from using mere exercise and dieting alone. i-Lipo allows you to target specific areas and contour your body into the shape you want.

How Does It Work?

We know you have questions about what to expect from the i-Lipo treatment sessions. We have all the answers you need on our FAQ page. Read more about what happens at your visit and what results to expect.

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The Nonsurgical Solution for Body Slimming

Do you feel like you are carrying around some extra weight that you cannot lose on your own? For many people, regular exercise and dieting are not enough to melt away those extra pounds. Some turn to surgery, like liposuction, but this procedure can be uncomfortable. Fullerton Drake Medical Center offers an innovative new procedure called i-Lipo™ that doesn’t require surgery.

i-Lipo is an effective weight loss program and body contouring system. The trained medical staff at Fullerton Drake Medical Center utilizes the advanced i-Lipo equipment to help you achieve results. After a few treatments, you can feel healthier, more energized, and more confident about your body.

Services Offered

  • i-Lipo
  • Weight Loss
  • Body Contouring

Get the Body You Have Always Wanted

If you have problem areas that you cannot get rid of with cardio exercise, crunches, and weight lifting, the i-Lipo system can help. i-Lipo does what regular weight loss programs cannot. It melts excess body fat in those common problem areas like the belly and thighs.

The i-Lipo system comes in a few different models. They offer the following benefits:

  • Body contouring
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Nonsurgical, noninvasive procedure
  • Body slimming and tightening

Lose Inches with the i-Lipo Weight Loss System

i-Lipo is much more than a piece of medical equipment. The i-Lipo laser is a safe and effective system that delivers results you can see. You will notice immediate results after the first treatment. To lose even more inches, Fullerton Drake Medical Center recommends multiple treatments. Many patients who receive between four and eight sessions achieve significant inch loss.

Choose i-Lipo Weight Loss for Better Health

The i-Lipo system offers you several benefits. Not only will you look and feel better in your body but you can also improve your overall health. If you are carrying extra weight around the middle, you may have more health risks. Losing this extra weight can help you to become more active, live longer, and enjoy life more fully.

Treatment from Providers You Trust

At Fullerton Drake Medical Center, we are dedicated to treating each patient with the respect and care they deserve. We have invested in the i-Lipo system because it uses award-winning technology that is proven to help patients. Call us today to receive excellent care and treatment.