FAQ about i-Lipo Treatments from Fullerton Drake Medical Center

How quickly will I see results?

You can see results within the first session; however, we recommend you do more sessions for better results. We will help you determine whether to do two, four, or eight treatment sessions depending on the results you are seeking. Your inch loss will increase with each treatment, usually over a period of several weeks.

Will I have to take time off work?

The procedure is noninvasive and does not involve surgery, so it does not require you to take time off work. In some cases, we can perform a session during your lunch break. It is comfortable and quick enough that you can go right back to work after without lingering discomfort.

Do I have to diet or exercise?

You do not need to exercise and diet to see results from i-Lipo™. However, it is highly recommended to do a 30-minute intense cardio workout within 24 hours of the session. We do not require you to diet. However, dieting can help results as it improves your overall health, energy, and weight loss.

Can I eat before I have a session done?

Yes. In fact, it is recommended to eat something before a session. However, make sure your meal is light. We also recommend that you drink lots of water before and after the treatment session. i-Lipo does not target water weight and consuming water will not affect your results. Being well hydrated may actually improve your results.

Will I be able to wear a sauna suit or a tummy belt while I exercise?

Yes, of course. If you typically use a sauna suit or a tummy belt during exercise, we recommend that you continue using them as usual. They will not interfere with the i-Lipo procedure.